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Hans Henrich Pfaff, born 1812 in Willingshain, Kreis Hersfeld, Germany, and his descendents

Beginnings to Contact with German Relatives:

Making Contact with the German Relatives

Lou Paff's search results on Henry Paff, from West Bend, WI and Hessen Germany Summer 2006:

Added June 2010: Paff records from Willingshain

Land Plots in West Bend Wisconsin
Location of St. Johns UCC Church
St. Johns UCC Church Death Information
Hans Henrich & Anna Katherine Paff's Farmland
Hans Henrich and Anna Katherine Paff's Graves
Research in Germany and the Village of Willingshain, birthplace of Hans Henrich Pfaff

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Elk Mound area and 2004 Reunion in Eau Claire

Recent Reunions in Eau Claire

Elk Mound Evergreen Cemetary as of June, 2004

Hans Henrich - Germany to the US:

From Ancestry.com, New York, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists [database online]. (Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2003. Original data: New York. Registers of Vessels Arriving at the Port of New York from Foreign Ports, 1789-1919. Micropublication M237, rolls # 1-95. National Archives, Washington, D.C.), Brig Estafette, departing Bremen, arriving at Port of New York, 21 Aug 1839 (Microfilm Serial Number: M237 Microfilm Roll Number: 39 List Number: 604), p. 2, line 88 - this shows:

H: Henr: Pfaff, age 25 yrs, [man], distiller, from Wellingsheim, destination [New York].

Henry Paff, 1812-1895. Click photo for a larger one
Hans Henrich was born August 12, 1812 (church records say August 24, but that may be the date it was recorded) in Willingshain, Germany and died April 28, 1895 in West Bend, Wisconsin, and buried at Kohlsville (Grave stone photo). Largest town near Willingshain, Germany is Bad Hersfeld.
Click here to see the Pfaff ancestral house in Willingshain.
Here are the people in front of the house.
New modern house same place at right angles to the old one.
Old house foundation in 2010
Anna Katherine Goetz Paff, born March 12, 1820 in Ziegenhain (possibly there because a hospital existed there in 1820, so she could have lived in a village nearby), and died November 24, 1889 in West Bend, Wisconsin, and buried at Kohlsville (Grave stone Photo). Ziegenhain is near Willingshain, Germany.